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stardate_ks's Journal

Kirk/Spock Newsletter
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This is a Kirk/Spock Fanfic Newsletter.

Or it is attempting to be. I made it because I couldn't find one. I'm still hoping I will find one, or that someone else will take up this cause, because frankly I suck at follow through. But for now, I'm going to try to keep it up, and if I can, I may try to advertise it a bit and look for help. But right now it is an experiment. Please be aware:

*right now this is just a fanfic newsletter. Hopefully it will eventually include links to icons, meta, and news, but I can't do that myself. So I won't.

*this is for ALL ITERATIONS of Kirk/Spock. Kirk/Spock (or Spock/Kirk!) from the new movie and TOS are both welcome. Cross-over Kirk/Spock (e.g. nuKirk/Spock!Prime) is also welcome.

*this newsletter is to link fanfic about the relationship between Kirk and Spock. It can include Kirk/Spock gen or friendship fics, and can include threesome or moresome fics, but the primary characters must be Kirk and Spock, and the ultimate theme or purpose behind the fic must be their relationship, whether platonic or sexual

*if you'd like to help, or in fact take over, please let me know in the comments to an entry. I only made this because I wanted there to be one.
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