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Tuesday, May 26th
lettered wrote in stardate_ks
*This is an experiment. I'm trying to see whether a Kirk/Spock newsletter like this is useful. As far as I can tell trek_news is amply filling this need. But I see there are actually watchers! Comments/suggestions very welcome.
*If you don't want to be linked on here, drop a line, and I'll take you off.

anamatics started Small Steps, part 1/3, part 2/3 (XI, PG)
ragdoll987 updated Breaking Point, chapter 3 (XI, PG-13)
faux started A Nervous Tic of The Head, part 1 and part 2 (XI, R)
astatinesmile updated Happiness, 2/4

mithrilg wrote Similar Activities (XI, R)
irisbleufic wrote Grievances Foregone (XI, PG-13)
dirty_smudge wrote Tease (XI, NC-17)
kain_was_here wrote Senseless (XI, NC-17)
raphaela667 wrote the ups and downs of you (XI, PG-13)
queencestqueen wrote Wouldn't He? (XI, G)
lastling wrote Time (XI, R)
filthgoblin wrote Compromise (Either, PG-13)
chaos_vaan wrote Screw Logic (?, K+)
kungfunurse wrote Jim Kirk School of Diplomacy (XI, PG-13)
silver_scrawls wrote Inevitable (XI, PG)
stripedpetunia wrote Strange Fits Of Passion I Have Known (XI, PG-13/R) [link goes to Dreamwidth]

shatfat wrote So Be It (TOS/XI, gen, PG)
silver_scrawls wrote Slow Progress (XI, gen, G)


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