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Monday, May 25th
lettered wrote in stardate_ks
*This is an experiment. I'm trying to see whether a newsletter like this is actually necessary.
*If you don't want something linked on here, please drop a line.

songokuu started Oh Captain, My Captain, chapter 1 (TOS, PG-13)
hart_and_sole started We'll Lie In The Shadows Of Them All, chapter 1 (NC-17)
pikasafire finished Join The Dots, 2/2 (XI/TOS, NC-17)

dirty_smudge wrote Tell Me (XI, NC-17)
entangled_now wrote Yellow (XI, NC-17)
striped_petunia wrote When The Levee Breaks (XI, NC-17)
jade_dragoness wrote Defeating Nightmares (XI, NC-17)
jemariel wrote Need, (TOS, NC-17)

alphabet26 wrote The Flying Graysons (XI, PG)

transtempts wrote Factoring Stability (XI, Kirk/Spock/Uhura, PG-13)
miarr wrote Laws of Motion (XI, Kirk/Spock/Uhura, NC-17)


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