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Sunday, May 24th
lettered wrote in stardate_ks
*I'm experimenting just now. This is mostly stuff from trek_news. ...If I find I'm always C&P'ing from trek_news, this is rendered obsolete and I shall cease. I will see.
*If you do not wish something to be linked on this, drop a line and I will remove the link.

jillfox22 wrote Not So Unexpected, part 1/3 part 2/3, part 3/3 (XI, NC-17)
ragdoll987 updated Breaking Point, Chapter One, Chapter Two (XI, PG-13)
astatinesmile started Happiness, part 1/4 (XI and TOS, R)
pikasafire started Join the Dots, part 1/2 (XI and TOS, NC-17)

irrelevant wrote Through Water (XI and TOS, R)
keelywolfe wrote Just A Taste (?, NC-17)
deepsix wrote Heat Transfer (XI, NC-17)
deepsix wrote A Piece of the Game (XI, R)
kagedtiger wrote Out of Time (XI, R)
general_public wrote Five People Captain Kirk Did Not Sleep With (And One He Did) (XI, PG-13)
fluxy3525 wrote Before Your Father Was Born (XI, PG-13)
fluxy3525 wrote What Does That Do? (XI, PG)
raphaela667 wrote And They Won't Believe You When You Write Home About It (XI, PG-13)
animedragon wrote Not A Cruel Man (TOS, PG)
agenttrojie wrote Quod Erat Demonstradum (Either, PG-13)
theseeker8507 wrote Spock's Character References (XI, NC-17) [link goes to ffn]

ykoriana wrote Anchor (XI, Spock!Prime/Kirk, PG)
coasterchild wrote What You Need (Kirk/Spock/Uhura XI, NC-17)


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