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Tuesday, August 18
lettered wrote in stardate_ks
*still looking for more volunteers, so please lemme know if you're interested!

kianspo started What Are Friends For with part 1A and part 1B/? (XI, will be NC-17)
twisting_vine_x updated A Less Than Pleasant Situation with 2/5 (NC-17)
awarrington updated Coming Home with 6/20 (XI, NC-17)
irisbleufic complete Risks (TOS, PG-13)
astra_sequi updated To Boldly Teach with part 3 (AU, PG)

lallyloo wrote Let Us Not Be Lonely (PG)
fizzerbass wrote Suppression (XI, PG)
theboysgonehome wrote Acceptable Loss Of Control (XI, NC-17)
anneburg wrote Antithesis, part 1 and part 2 (XI, R)
kianspo wrote Sunspots (XI, PG)

KINKMEME (consider all XI and rated NC-17)
tubulur_fox filled Untitled
tvcatbarn filled Untitled
Anonymous wrote Dropping Eaves (Kirk/Spock/McCoy)
orthewallpaper wrote Five Times Jim Kirk Failed At Seducing Spock And One Time He At The Very Least Didn't Fail
missjesselle filled Untitled

spookyfbi made a List of K/S Moments In TOS


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