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Monday, August 17th
lettered wrote in stardate_ks
*If you'd like to volunteer to pick up a day, please comment.

oritpetra started A Stallion Must First Be Broken with parts 1-5/20 (XI, PG-13)
twisting_vine_x started A Less Than Pleasant Situation with part 1/5, part 2/5 (NC-17)
awarrington updated Coming Home with part 5/20 (XI, NC-17)
xiaou_xijiang started Pity the Child with part 1/? (XI, PG-13)

the_deep_magic wrote Pink (NC-17)
silviakundera wrote No Mercy For The Restless (XI, PG-13)
irnan wrote a long time ago (we used to be friends) (XI, PG-13)
waldorph wrote A Beautiful(ly Illogical) Mind (XI, NC-17)
stardate64783 wrote He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (XI, G)

Anonymous filled Untitled
Anonymous filled Untitled
Anonymous filled Untitled
Anonymous filled Untitled
poster_glomper wrote Dawn of the Vulcan
towel_master filled Untitled
towel_master filled Untitled
celio_claro filled Untitled
Anonymous wrote Breathing Fire

irnan wrote brick and mortar (PG-13)

crackenterprise recs Compatibility Test by rhaegal (XI, NC-17) link goes to Dreamwidth

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Hi there.

I think I could help you during the weekends, if you're interested. Fair warning, though: I have never done anything like this; I suspect I would need a lot of orientation and handholding the first few times around.

You can contact me at isabsm(at)globo(dot)com


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