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Wednesday, May 27th
lettered wrote in stardate_ks
*. . . Still don't really think I need to do this. Please COMMENT with opinions.
*If you don't want to be linked, please let me know.

kowaiyoukai started We Reach Our Apogee Slowly, part 1
theseeker8507 updated What May Come to Pass, part 5 (XI, PG-13) [link goes to ffn]

never_walk wrote A Nearly Universe Ending Combination (TOS, PG-13)
darkangelazure wrote Medals (XI, R)
peapods42 wrote Getting There (XI, PG)
ykoriana wrote Mirage (XI, PG)
Ri-chan, translated by snowlight wrote the one where Jim causes a scene in a bar (again) (XI, PG)
jenlynn820 wrote The Human Heart (XI, NC-17)
solvent90 wrote rareties (XI, R)
chaos_vaan wrote Out With A Bang (Either, PG)
thelilytriad wrote Vokaya Th'y'la (Memory of the Bonded) (both, R)
allbutwon wrote Fight To Win (XI, PG-13)
tasheila wrote a love so much refined (XI, PG)
thelilytriad wrote Zarahk-Tor (Break Into Pieces) (both, R)
farafallacqui wrote drabbles (TOS, PG)
allbutwon wrote Discovery (both, Kirk/Kirk!Prime, Kirk!Prime/Spock!Prime R)


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